"Now Is the Time" 

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     Now Is the Time is an artwork (+ print and tees with the image) that celebrates the 240-year journey towards electing our first woman President---truly the culmination of an incredible & moving lineage of achievements by many American women.  So artist Drue Kataoka placed a few of them in an hourglass of history...In this "American flag" reimagined, the women, in blue & white, are the stars.  There are no names.  Just achievements and dates. 

National Debut at the DNC
     Hillary Clinton's campaign invited Now Is The Time to the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia.  Delegates & attendees posed with lifesize versions of the image, for selfies and social media pictures.  The first run of Now Is The Time art prints & tees SOLD OUT there.  More in this article from Forbes: Hillary Clinton Inspired This Artist To Celebrate Sisterhood At The DNC.  Watch an interview live from the DNC with POLITICO's Ryan Heath.

 Honoring Women's Achivements
     Now Is the Time is about a collective sisterhood.  Says the artist, "When I read over achievement, I can imagine all the barriers that were overcome.  Today we are standing on the shoulders of many remarkable women.
     The text gets smaller as time recedes, as if to say there are so many who will never be counted or credited who have taken us this far.  The accomplishments of these women are like grains of sand, so numerous but they have also been invisible in history."  

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11 x 14" Prints are $40 unsigned
11 x 14" Prints are $140 signed by the artist
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18 x 24" Prints are $200 signed by the artist
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Print is Archival
Drue Kataoka prints are produced with the highest standards of archival quality.  Both ink and paper are engineered to resist moisture, pollutants & fading.


"Now Is The Time" print

"Now Is The Time" print

Now Is the Time has resonated with activists, actors, students, corporate leaders & grassroots organizers of all backgrounds...