After the Celestial Axe   is a sculpture with 27 mirrored surfaces that reveals a magical, multi-planar universe. As you walk through the forest, you encounter the sculpture shining mysteriously and brightly through the trees. The sculpture is comprised of a moss-covered fallen oak tree sliced up by a Celestial Axe and covered in layered frothy mirror fragments, shaped and arranged with a high degree of optical awareness and purpose. The artwork shows the aftermath of an event of incomprehensible proportions – an Axe that fell mysteriously from the skies, leaving a sparkling residue of starry formations. When seen from afar, these reflective arrangements sparkle in the sun; but when examined more closely, they reflect, refract, expand and transform the environment and the viewer. How or why the Celestial Axe fell is a part of a hidden narrative.
The Tree of Pascal
Airport for Souls - Installation
Skies of Atlantis or Underneath the Cement the Earth Breathes
The Passion of St. Medusa
Footsteps in the Snow
Freud's Couch
The Border, Wounded Paintings
Davos Snow: Concerto Grosso in C# Minor –  Allegro – Largo - Allegro (View from my Hotel)
Return to Old & New Orleans -  Secondline for the Arts
Sumi-e Paintings by Drue Kataoka
400,000 Is Not A Number