Drue Kataoka is a contemporary artist based in Silicon Valley, merging art & technology for social impact.  

Her work spans disciplines:  mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture, ancient Japanese ink painting techniques integrated with brainwaves, time dilation, digital image processing and mobile technologies.  Her work was featured at the first art exhibit in zero gravity at the International Space Station. 

Named a Young Global Leader & Cultural Leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF), she has presented at the WEF Annual Meetings in Davos (4x), in WEF meetings around the globe, and had a solo exhibition at Davos.

She created Touch Our Future, a technological artwork to deepen engagement around infant mortality. Mothers & infants from 14 developing countries, the Dalai Lama, Chelsea Clinton, Malala, 18 Nobel Peace Prize winners and heads of Peace Prize winning organizations participated by including their hand trace in the artwork.
She created the iconic image for the global tribute to MP & humanitarian Jo Cox.
Her works have heightened empathy around environmental issues.  
Her artwork 400,000 Is Not a Number highlighted the 400,000 untested rape kits in the US.  

Recent work has been featured on CNN, Reuters, CBS, ABC, Barrons, Wired Magazine, and others. Endowed the Drue Kataoka Art Scholarship for Youth since 2001. Graduate of Stanford University. Recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute Award for her extensive community service along with Secretary George Shultz.

See some of her artworks.